"My mission is to not only get you the results you want, but to instill the knowledge for you to maintain those results during the course of your life. As the expression goes: 'Teach a man or woman to fish, and they'll eat for a lifetime.'"

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Dave Bogan

Dave Bogan currently works as the VP of Production for NBC Universal during the day, and also helps a large number of clients reach their fitness and body composition goals using the reverse dieting and flexible eating (IIFYM) methods. Dave went to Florida A & M and Florida State University for his MBA with a concentration in Accounting.


Dave first started his fitness journey at the age of 20 in 2001 when he decided he wanted a six pack and thought the best way of doing so was throwing himself into a competitive atmosphere. After a 3rd placing in a class of 12 competitors he was hooked! Now over 70+ competitions later, he is still striving to be better on stage every time.

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  • As a lifetime drug-free competitor, Dave likes to inspire others and educate them about competing without the use of performance enhancers. And show them that even a person with poor genetics, can present an amazing package on stage with the right diet, training, and consistency over time. 


  • Dave is a nationally qualified NPC bodybuilder, and holds pro cards within various natural organizations. He judges in many different organizations as well. Dave promotes a natural bodybuilding show located in South Beach Miami, FL called the NGA Night of Champions.

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